A warm welcome

Every eye exam at Lapworth Opticians is carried out with the latest Nidek equipment along with the guidelines set out by the NHS, GOC and College of Optometrists to ensure you get the best possible check.

When you arrive for your check you will be asked a few questions about your old glasses, any help you receive and to sign an NHS form.

Pretesting Area

You will then be asked to come over to our pretesting area where you will have four checks done, auto refraction, tonometry (puff test), fundus photos and then visual fields. As the equipment is state of the art then there is very little effort, it is mostly a matter of looking at the flashing dot!

Getting your eyes tested

After these are done, the information is securely transferred onto your digital record card which Carole can access, she will call you into the room and carry out the rest of the checks and explain everything that is happening and why. Carole will go over her results with you making sure you are happy with everything. Then she will had over to Jamie who will, with Carole’s advice, show you glasses and help you pick some that not only look good but work well and suit your budget.

The NHS pay for everyones eye examination in Scotland. You are supposed to have your eyes tested every two years unless otherwise advised by your optometrist to have them tested sooner. Even if you don’t wear glasses you should really get them checked.

The modern eye examination

The modern eye examination not only checks how well you see but also a myriad of health checks to make sure your eyes are in perfect health.

If you were having any problems with your eyes, whether it was your vision, comfort or anything at all, then you are entitled to have them checked. Sometimes a simple check is enough to make sure nothing needs to be done, occasionally it may mean new glasses or even a further check by a doctor or the hospital. This examination is called a supplementary test.

You can book your eye exam by calling us, on the website, or by popping in to see us.

Want to come in?

You can arrange an appoinment by giving our clinic a call, booking online or by popping in to see us.

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